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To contact Transportation Services, (760) 246-8691:


Ruth Castruita

Supervisor of Transportation & Driver Training,, x 10259

Michele McGraw

Coordinator of Transportation & Driver Training,, x 10258


Enriqueta Solis- "Kiki"

Secretary II,, x 10262

Bus Routes

                      Welcome Back to 2022-2023 School Year

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Times are subject to change. Please check schedule regularly.

  • 2022-2023 School begins August 08, 2022.
  • You are expected to be at the bus stop no more than 5 minutes prior to bus arrival time.
  • While waiting for the bus, remain off private property, stand in a straight line quietly until the bus arrives.
  • For the safety of all students, when the bus arrives, do not approach the bus until it has come to a complete stop and the driver opens the door.
  • In the afternoon. you are to exit the bus at your stop and go straight home.


Bus transportation is provided to each student who demonstrates good behavior and who meets the following criteria:

  • Kindergarten through Grade Three: Resides more than 1 ¼ miles from the school of residence.
  • Grades Four through Eight: Resides more than two miles from the school of residence.


*Please note that eligibility is based on the distance from the home to the school, not the home to the nearest bus stop.






Bus Rider Policy

SCHOOL BUS: PASSENGER SAFETY: All students in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and grades 1 to 6, shall receive written information on school bus safety (i.e., a list of school bus stops near each student's home, general rules of conduct at school bus loading zones, red light crossing instructions, school bus danger zone, and walking to and from school bus stops). Prior to departure on a school activity trip, all students riding on a school bus or school activity bus shall receive safety instruction that includes, but is not limited to, location of emergency exits, and location and use of emergency equipment. Instruction also may include responsibilities of passengers seated next to an emergency exit.

RULES FOR SAFE CONDUCT ON THE BUS: These rules will be reviewed with the students the first day they ride the bus.

  1. Students must line up in an orderly fashion and maintain social distance of 6 feet prior to the school bus arriving.
  2. Students must be on the right-hand side of the roadway and at the bus stop five (S) minutes before the bus arrives.
  3. Students cannot be dropped off in the middle of the roadway,or allowed to cross the street to get to the bus stop without the direction of the driver, if any school bus is present or currently loading students.
  4. Students must stand quietly and refrain from horse playing with other students while waiting for the bus.
  5. Students must not destroy or damage and be considerate of the property at and nearby the bus stop.
  6. Stand away from the roadway, wait until the bus comes to a complete stop, and opens the doors prior to approaching the bus.
  7. Board the bus in an orderly fashion, do not push or run to the bus.
  8. Talk in a quiet manner.
  9. Do not bring animals or insects, caged or otherwise onto the bus.
  10. Do not bring dangerous objects such as knives, guns glass, etc. onto the bus.
  11. Do not throw objects inside or out of the bus windows.
  12. Face forward with seatbelts on at all times, do not sit sideways, backward, or have any part of the body in the bus aisles.
  13. Students must remain seated at all times while on the bus, with No standing or moving seats at anytime 14.    Remain silent at all railroad crossings.
  14. Do not smoke or light matches 35.
  15. Do not fight with other students- fighting is defined as actual physical contact of an aggressive nature, and will result in automatic suspension from the bus for all participants regardless of who instigated the incident.
  16. Do not yell, whistle or use vulgar or profane language or gestures.
  17. Breaking of any windows, cutting, of any seats, graffiti of bus property or any other damage to the bus will result in the immediate revocation of bus privileges, until all damages are paid for.
  18. No instruments or large boxes are allowed on the bus unless they can be stored safely in the undercarriage.
  19. No balloons of any type including Mylar balloons are allowed on the bus.
  20. If students must cross the street, they must bus do so in front of the bus with the assistance of the driver.
  21. No eating or drinking is allowed while on the school bus.
  22. A parent or guardian of a kinder must be present and have in his or her possession a kinder blue card in order for the release of any kinder.
  23. Parents must arrive on time to pick up their kinder from the bus stop, repeated failures will result in the loss of bus privileges.
  24. Students must respect and follow the instructions of the bus driver at all times.
  25. Bulling or name-calling will not be tolerated on the bus at any time.
  26. Students engaged in a sexual nature of any kind including touching other students or making comments about body parts of other students, or kissing will result in revocation of bus privileges.
  27. Students must ride their assigned bus and get On/off at assigned bus stops only.


Bus / Transportation Student Conduct 

The state law (Section 14103 Title 5 C.A.C. “Authority of bus driver) reads:  Pupils transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of, and responsible to the driver of the bus, and the driver shall be held responsible for the orderly conduct of the pupils while they are on the bus or being escorted across a street, highway or road.  Continued disorderly conduct or persistent refusal to submit to the authority of the driver shall be sufficient reason for a pupil to be denied transportation in accordance with regulations of the governing board of the District.

Students may receive a “bus ticket” for any of the following infractions:

1. Improper boarding/departing procedures

2. Bringing articles aboard bus of injurious or objectionable nature

3. Failure to remain seated

4. Refusing to obey the driver

5. Fighting/pushing/tripping

6. Hanging out of the window

7. Throwing objects in or out of the bus

8. Lighting matches/smoking on the bus

9. Spitting/littering

10. Unnecessary noise

11. Tampering with bus equipment

12. Rude, discourteous and annoying conduct

13. Destruction of property

14. Other behavior relating to safety, well-being and respect for others


Riders who fail to comply with the above rules shall be reported to the school principal, who shall determine the severity of the misconduct and take action accordingly.  In all instances of misconduct, the rider and his/her parent/guardian shall be given notice and warning.  In case of a severe violation or repeated offenses, the rider may be denied transportation for a period of time determined by the principal, up to the remainder of the school year.  The principal or designee of the school will notify the parent of any written bus citation.  The following consequences shall be followed:

 1st offense—warning and ticket home

 2nd offense—3 day suspension from bus

 3rd offense—5 day suspension from bus

 4th offense—10 day suspension from bus

 5th offense—bus privileges suspended for rest of school year

The principal may suspend immediately from the bus if the infraction is warranted. The transportation office and the school office will keep copies of the citations on file with each incident. Teachers will endeavor to familiarize pupils with the standards of conduct expected of them as passengers prior to their participation in trips.

It is the parent’s responsibility to contact the school office when a student is issued a “School Bus Incident Report”.



Please Note: Any fighting or other serious offense will result in the student automatically starting at 
step 5. Offenses that pose  serious harm to your student, other riders, drivers of other vehicles, the bus driver, or result in the need for the driver to stop the bus and notify the site administrators and/or 
California Highway Patrol (CHP) for assistance may result in immediate removal from the bus for a 
minimum of 30-days to the remainder of the year plus appropriate school consequences.




Complaint Reports

Please use this form to report all bus issues, including bus stop concerns and to report a bus driver. The AESD Transportation Department values your opinion. 

Transportation Complaint Form | Formulario de queja de transporte en Español

Please fill out this form completely and submit it with these options:

1.       Scan or take a clear picture with your phone and email to
2.       Hand deliver to Transportation department.
3.       Mail your form to the District Office, 11824 Air Expressway, Adelanto, CA 92301.  Attn.:       
          Transportation Department.